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“The team at John Jewell are among the best I have ever dealt with. When I upgraded in 2006 to a 210 I was fortunate enough to purchase the T210K Model they performed a lot of their STC 300hp De-Turbo Certification with. It of course had the 300 HP engine and it performed flawlessly! In November of this past year I updated the Prop to the Scimitar 8068 blade with the help of Charlotte and I was amazed!!!! The entire plane was efficient, quiet and reliable for any mission I had. From hauling employees, to family, to business associates and clients, their workmanship never let me down. I can say that their attention to detail, their commitment to workmanship, and their attention to doing ‘the right thing’, brings a comfort level that is priceless when I am in the air.
They worked on my first plane, a 182F, and it was there that I got a sense of how committed they were to the Aviation Industry and their customers. Through the past many years, they have been nothing put professional and they really care about the customer, their products, their services, and that things are done correctly and fairly. I can assure you that they have been and will be involved in any plane that I own!”
Tim Beckett
210-300-STC - T210M De-Turbo / IO-550L
June, 2019
“When it came time to overhaul the stock 0-470R in our 1969 C182, we looked at upgrade options vs overhaul of the existing engine. We settled on the John Jewell 182-252 STC. John and Charlotte were awesome to work with. This STC requires a 0-470 U engine, a new prop and governor change, modification to the carburetor, and a change of redline on an electronic tach. We opted for a factory reman 0-470 U from AirPower. The installation was done by our local shop, St Charles Flying Service in St Charles, MO.
We are very pleased with the increased performance of the 252 HP engine, especially in the climb and high altitude operations. We fly back to western Colorado quite often. We have no trouble getting to 17K crossing the Continental Divide. Even though we could run the engine harder in cruise by turning up the RPM, we tend to cruise at 23/23 at lower altitudes and 2400-2500 RPM at high altitudes. New redline is 2625 RPM to get to full rated power. Fuel burn is about the same as was our stock R engine. The U engine also gets you 2,000 hr. TBO vs 1500 hr. We love the performance of this plane.”
Mike Tessman
182-252 STC - C182L / 0-470U
May, 2018
“Eagle Forestry Services, Inc. provides high resolution digital orthorectified aerial photography services to clients across the eastern US. We fly each of our Cessna 182 aircraft over 700 hours per year. We have used John Jewell Aircraft for general aircraft maintenance and aircraft engines since 1991. We have lost count of the number of engines John Jewell has done for us. John Jewell Aircraft has always provided reliable, friendly and professional service plus a fast turnaround. Both of our C182P aircraft use the John Jewell 252 hp conversions. In our application rate of climb has increased to 1200 feet per minute, cruise speeds have increased by at least 10 knots and fuel burn is the same as the O470S at no more than 12 gallons per hour. We typically run our engines all the way to TBO in less than three years. It is unusual for us to have any unexpected engine maintenance through a 2200 hour TBO. Eagle Forestry Services recommends John Jewell Aircraft without reservation. If you have any questions we would be happy to visit with you about our experiences with John Jewell. How best would I describe John Jewell Aircraft...Quality, Dependability and Service.”
Glen E. Dabney, RF, ACF
Eagle Forestry Services, Inc.
EFS GeoTechnologies
Monticello, Arkansas
“We have used John Jewell Aircraft for engine overhauls for over 40 years. We have also sold numerous aircraft with John's overhauls during that period as well. We have experienced almost no problems with his workmanship and he has steadfastly stood behind his engines and work.”
Jerry Christian
Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales, Inc.
Wilson Air Center, MEM Int'l
Memphis, TN
“The Jewell Family and business represent American quality and courtesy found in the 1950’s. The attention to detail and custom overhaul makes every customer feel as a special client with every phase of the overhaul clearly communicated. Fast service and perfection in assembly assures me of the best engine reliability and power possible. John balances every rotating component, also rebuilds accessories as needed. The value and safety are for me the best in the USA. I have flown as ATP and Military for over 50 years, owned over a dozen various aircraft, and since discovering John Jewell trade with him exclusively for my power needs. You can’t beat a Jewell engine.“
JDS - Alabama, USA
Engine Overhaul -O-300, C170A
August 2017

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