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Engine Services

FAA Certified Repair Station JUJR300L

Custom Engine Overhauls

An overhauled engine as defined in FAR 43.2, is a used engine that has been completely disassembled, inspected, repaired as necessary, reassembled, and tested in accordance with approved standards and technical data, which have been developed and documented by the holder of the type certificate, supplemental type certificate, or a material, part, process, or appliance approval.

Each JJA engine is custom overhauled to Factory New Specifications as per FAR 43.2, and as per the engine manufacturer's overhaul manual. The latest Service Bulletins, Service Letters, and Airworthiness Directives (A.D.'s) are complied with.

All engines are individually disassembled, cleaned and inspected by skilled technicians; using the latest technology.

All steel parts are carefully checked for cracks using magnaflux process; all cast components are checked for cracks using dye-check process. Ultrasonic inspection is used on all applicable crankshafts and cylinders.

Each engine is individually and custom reassembled to Factory New Limits and Specifications. Engines are balanced to assure smooth operation and the prolonged life of an overhaul. Valve clearance is brought to minimum tolerance and exhaust ports are polished to achieve optimum power.

Each engine overhauled comes with John Jewell Aircraft's Seal of Quality, and covered by one year / 500-hour warranty, so you can fly with confidence.

Custom Engine Teardown & Inspections

As an engine overhaul facility, John Jewell Aircraft performs various services on Teledyne Continental and Textron Lycoming engines, from minor maintenance to complete engine overhaul.

Our services also include engine teardown and inspection. Occasions that require this procedure are:

  • Sudden stoppage
  • Lightning strike
  • Fuel/Oil contamination

These are incidences covered by most aircraft insurance policies.

A teardown & inspection does NOT constitute a major overhaul. John Jewell Aircraft, Inc. warranties its workmanship for the procedures performed during such teardown and inspection.

All procedures performed are in accordance with manufacture's recommended procedures.

Engine Transport Instructions

Remove all accessories/components from bottom of engine. Secure these components separately from engine.

JJA does not recommend shipping engines on tires. This is many times not stable and can cause damage to lower portion of engine components.

Please contact us if a crate and engine-appropriate cradle assembly (especially for use when shipping via motor freight carriers) is needed.

Components required to test-run engine

Regardless of Engine Services performed, please insure to include accessories required to test-run the engine. These items may remain installed ON the engine, unless located on underside of engine. When removed, secure inside crate or with engine itself.

  • Starter
  • Magnetos
  • Fuel System

Starter Ring Gear

For all Lycoming models, unless otherwise specified, remove starter ring gear and DO NOT send with engine.

Engine Baffling

Remove all outer baffling. DO NOT include with engine.

Leave all inner cylinder baffling. DO include with engine.