Airframe Services


Aircraft Inspection

Skilled A & P technicians perform annual and 100-Hour inspections. All required inspection plates are removed and the aircraft is given a thorough inspection using a standard aircraft inspection report.

The following are the basic groups that are covered during an annual or hourly inspection.
  • Fuselage / Hull
  • Landing Gear
  • Wing / Center Section
  • Empennage
  • Cabin / Cockpit
  • Engine
  • Propeller
  • General / Misc.

Within each group inspection, checks include: all controls, electrical and hydraulic systems, internal and external structures, bracings, and attachment fittings.Every annual includes compression check, removal and replacement new oil filter and fresh engine oils.

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

Minor repairs and cosmetic touch-ups can be made to airframes. Any modifications, alterations STC conversions, and 337 changes are performed in accordance to the latest FAA standards and regulations, as an FAA Certified Airframe Repair Station.

As an FAA Certified Airframe Repair Station, all inspections; maintenance; major and minor repairs; and alterations can be performed on all Beech, Cessna, and Piper reciprocating engine aircraft.

All repairs, conversions, and changes are made by licensed technicians. A licensed inspector approves each repair, conversion or change.